We are very proud of this achievement, the result of a great alliance with Seguros Bolivar S.A. to support Fundación delamujer by strengthening the resilience of its clients.

Colombia March 2, 2022.

Colombia has approximately 2.7 million producers, the vast majority of them small (86%), of which less than 1% are insured. This situation is challenging considering that agricultural activity is exposed to multiple risks, including inclement weather, which generate production losses, reduce producers’ income, affect their quality of life and threaten food security.

Taking into account this panorama, and reaffirming the commitment visible in its Sustainable Business Strategy, Fundación delamujer, together with Seguros Bolívar, offers small farmers and their clients the “Campo Seguro” program, which has two coverages:

The first, a fire policy, which protects the producer’s home and contents against fire, explosion, water damage and volcanic eruption, among other events. The client notifies the occurrence of the loss and, through the insurer’s forecasting system and a voice stress recognition system, prompt payment of the indemnity is arranged.

The second, a parametric agricultural policy that covers productive activity, guarantees the continuity of work and simplifies claims in the event of excess rainfall, drought and earthquakes. Clients do not have to notify the occurrence of the loss; the insurer and its partner MiCRO (Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organization) monitor weather and seismic conditions remotely and when they detect the occurrence of the risk, they notify the client that he/she will receive the agreed indemnity.

Official press release from Fundación delamujer

Official press release from Seguros Bolivar


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