In 2017, MiCRO piloted its first holistic risk management solution in Guatemala in partnership with Aseguradora Rural and distributed through Banrural. The risk transfer component is the first index-based microinsurance product that protects the small and micro-entrepreneur against the business interruption caused by drought, excess rain and earthquake in Guatemala. This initial solution offers value to clients and has proven to be both, appealing and affordable. The solution is now in its expansion phase and accessible through additional channels.

A similar product was launched in El Salvador with Seguros Futuro and Banco de Fomento Agropecuario in June 2018 – Produce Seguro.

The value added program ( VAP) in both countries is the result of key partnerships with entities such as CONRED and the World Food Program. The VAP focuses on raising awareness about risk exposure and preparedness through didactic tools that are integrated into our financial education programs and social marketing that promotes risk preparedness.

Over the next years, MiCRO will be following a pattern of rapid innovation and growth with products adapted to the needs of the vulnerable populations and distributed by local aggregators such as banks, microfinance institutions, and cooperatives, amongst others.