public funds to build products which unlock commercial, scalable opportunities.

For many people around the world, especially in developing countries, insurance is not only unavailable, it is a mystery. The global insurance market has the needed capacity and expertise that can be unlocked by targeted investments by the public sector. MiCRO is the nexus of both, giving life to new opportunities for low-income markets.


to solve the key challenges that have caused others to fail.

Since 2011, MiCRO has been working to push the boundaries of microinsurance. It was founded on the principle that “basis risk” is one of the key impediments to the broad adoption of products by consumers. MiCRO is implementing the latest techniques, as well as new ideas, to close the gap between products that are too expensive to buy and those that are too inaccurate to be desirable.


heavily on the client and collaboration to build highly relevant, desirable products.

For us, the policyholder and the delivery channel are the most important. Without truly understanding our policyholders and directly involving our local partners, MiCRO cannot achieve the insights that are critical to success. For example, this is how we’ve realized that insurance alone is not enough. MiCRO is establishing partnerships that enable the delivery of “value-added” service to policyholders which help them find solutions to other challenges they face, such as price risk and crop quality improvement.