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The vision of MiCRO is a world in which the uninsured have access to the affordable and appropriate risk management tools that are essential to escaping poverty. The mission of the Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation is to empower those living in poverty to manage their risks in a sustainable and fair manner by bridging the divide between global markets and the most vulnerable. MiCRO is a social enterprise committed to operating in a financially sound manner. Micro insurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation SCC c/o Marsh Management Services (Barbados) Ltd 2nd Floor, Bldg 1, Chelston Park Collymore Rock, St Michael, BB11000, Barbados MiCRO's full website is under redevelopment and will be live in September 2014. In the meantime, please email Melanie Slack at mslack@microrisk.org, for more information.