Chairman of the Board Steve Mitchell

Steve Mitchell is Vice President of Financial Services for Mercy Corps and has 37 years of financial services experience, having worked in Public Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Banking and as the Chief Financial Officer of Mercy Corps. Steve represents the interests of Mercy Corps with Bank Andara in Indonesia, Kompanion in Kyrgyzstan, and XacBank in Mongolia, and is actively engaged with microfinance efforts around the world

Board Member Anne Hastings

Anne Hastings is a Global Advocate with Uplift, an initiative dedicated to accelerating the global adoption of the Graduation Approach to overcoming the most extreme forms of poverty. Between 1996 and 2013, Anne served in the leadership of Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest microfinance institution, first as Director of Fonkoze and then as CEO of Fonkoze Financial Services, S.A., which she helped to found in July 2004. Her awards include an Honorary Doctorate from Duquesne University; a Women Together Award because of her commitment to the elimination of extreme poverty and hunger and a Schwab Foundation Social Entrepreneur in Latin America Award.

Board Member Carolina Losada

Carolina Losada was the Corporate Insurance Director for Fanalca S.A. for more than 15 years; responsible for its insurance and reinsurance programs and the company’s risk management policies. She also started over a year ago her own insurance brokerage company focused on insurance inclusion; a significant need in countries such as Colombia where low-income families are unprotected and underserved and prone to falling even more into poverty when facing calamities. In addition, she also manages the family office and participates in several boards supporting with strategy, corporate governance and new business opportunities.

Board Member Denis Garand

Denis, a professional Canadian actuary, is one of the world’s best known independent consultants focusing on microinsurance. Previously, from 1981 to 2000, he held a variety of positions at a major insurance company including Director of Marketing and Vice-President of Group Insurance. His work in over 30 countries has covered a wide array of topics including advising regulators, and developing and assessing microinsurance initiatives.