capabilities from select players to build and offer affordable, simple and reliable index-based inclusive insurance.

For many people, particularly in developing countries, insurance is neither available nor well understood. MiCRO solves these two issues by working with regulators, local insurance companies and aggregators (e.g., microfinance institutions) to provide a framework for offering valued products that protect clients from natural disasters.


to solve the key challenges that have caused others to fail.

Since 2011, MiCRO has been working to push the boundaries of microinsurance. It was founded on the principle that “basis risk” is one of the key impediments to the broad adoption of products by consumers. MiCRO is implementing the latest techniques, as well as new ideas, to close the gap between products that are too expensive to buy and those that are too inaccurate to be desirable.


heavily on our local partners and end clients to build appealing index-bases insurance.

Our delivery channels and end-clients are of utmost importance. Without truly understanding their needs, MiCRO cannot succeed. This is why we evaluated their needs, enable financial literacy programs to our end-clients and help to develop and implement training programs and incentive plans to our commercial partners.