Request for proposals for the services of a professional business plan consultant

  1. Introduction

The Microinsurance Catastrophe Risk Organisation SCC (MiCRO) is a licensed reinsurance company committed to creating insurance solutions for the vulnerable and low income segments of the population. It focuses on the development and sale of microinsurance products, which protect against natural perils like earthquake, drought and excess rain. Where others see intractable challenge, MiCRO sees the opportunity for risk management solutions that make it possible to build better lives in a sustainable manner.

MiCRO started operations in Haiti in 2011, and is now entering into the Central America market with products which will meet the demands of micro-entrepreneurs and small-holder farmers. An initial product was recently approved and a pilot launched in Guatemala, which soon will be followed by El Salvador and other countries.

The launch of the pilot in Guatemala and soon in El Salvador marks the beginning of a new phase for MiCRO, one that will soon allow for a rapid expansion and will therefore require additional capital. As such, MiCRO is updating its Business Plan in order to present it to potential investors and donors, and is requesting the services of a professional consultant specialized in preparing business plans for start-up or high-growth companies. The Consultant will be able to assist the management and board refine its current Business Plan to reflect the format and structure utilized by start-up and/or high-growth companies.

  1. Objective

Prepare and support MiCRO in its efforts to raise capital by updating, refining, adjusting and, if necessary, completing its business plan and financial projections, preparing a high impact and persuasive pitch deck for investor presentation.

  1. Deliverables

The deliverables are as follows:

  • Executive overview, detailed business plan and road show “pitch deck”:
    • Produce a compelling two-page executive overview of the investment opportunity. This will be selectively sent to socially-oriented equity investors.
    • Update and enhance MiCRO’s business plan ensuring that the social and sustainable message of the company is clear, compelling, well-articulated and adequately supported.
    • Create a stand-alone pitch deck that is clean, crisp, and tells just the right story, without going into excessive detail.
  • Financial Projections and Analysis:
    • Review and analyze the company’s financial model suggesting improvements as needed.
    • Review and improve the presentation of the company’s financial projections and assumptions.
  • Capital raising strategy:
    • Together with MiCRO, develop a strategy to raise equity capital from the targeted investors at the envisaged levels, with the appropriate terms and conditions.
  1. Delivery

The estimated deadline for the delivery of the completed business plan after final approval by management is 15 March 2017.

  1. Profile

Successful responses to this posting will exhibit the following qualities and competencies:

  • Being a national of the IADB member countries (required);
  • Holder of a degree in Business Administration, Economics or another relevant field;
  • Over 10 years of experience in investment banking, corporate development, corporate finance, merger and acquisition advisory, financial planning and analysis, and/or venture investing;
  • Previous record in writing and evaluating business plans and financial models for start-up companies;
  • Previous record in advising companies in the sector of insurance, finance, microfinance, or microinsurance;
  1. Coordination and Supervision

The Company’s Chief Executive Officer will act as the primary contact to ensure the deliverables  are accomplished in accordance with the TOR.

  1. MiCRO’s Responsibilities

Provide the consultant with sufficient access to information that can enable the consultant to properly analyze the company’s business, markets and products.

  1. Applicant’s Responsibilities

Sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to receiving any sensitive information from the company.

  1. Selection

The selection process will follow the Individual Consultant selection process where the selection will be based on the qualifications of the applicant. The contract will be signed for a term of 45 days.



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